UI UX & Web Development

Illusic Studios

Project Date:
March 2020 - Mar 2022
Illusic is a web development and Design Agency which serves clients internationally. They offer web design, development, UI UX Design and SEO as services.
My Role
I worked as a full time UI/UX Designer and Web Developer at Illusic Studios where I got to interact with Clients from around the world.
For UI/UX I used Adobe XD to create Moodboards and then proceed with Wireframes and Design. As for Development, I worked on projects with Laravel, Elementor and build a few landing pages from scratch.
Research & Planning
For some projects, I was a part of discovery call. Asking questions to clients and taking notes of some 'fancy' words they say which helped me understand what they are really looking forward to. In other projects, I was asked to prepare Moodboards according to Clients niche and the managing team gathered a brief of what the client is looking forward to.
Grid layouts
Style Guides
I really enjoyed my time with Illusic Studios. I learnt so much there especially in regards to How things really work in an international agency and with big projects.