Pvt. Ltd.

Project Date:
Feb 2022 - March 2022
Fillitics is a Fulfillment & Logistics company based in India which helps ecommerce businesses by making the order fulfillment so much easier and smoother.
My Role
I worked as a freelance UX/UI designer and front-end developer. My role in this project was to do research, branding, lo-fi & hi-fi wireframing, planning for animations and do front-end development using Elementor. The deliverables include: Design in Adobe XD, Design language and style guides, Front-end development.
Research & Planning
I started by asking a few questions about the project like target audience, styling, competitors, inspirational websites, etc. After defining a user and problem statement, I started researching and creating mood boards for the project. The next step was to create the Design, get it approved followed by Development and Deployment of the website.
One of the most researched things about this project was the Actual Profit calculator which is a 7 Step process to calculate actual profit after all the costs.
Grid layouts
The most important aspect of this project was to analyze what the users can benefit from a business website and that's where our Profit Calculator came into play which is now used by a lot of businesses from around India, rewarding Filltics with exposure and more clients organically.