Born On:
29 April, 2000
Based in:
I'm a 22 year, young UI/ UX Designer & Web Developer who always knew he wanted to get into web development and design since the age of 16 and has been working towards it ever since.
Something to read
We are returning to the roots of digital things like it was in the very beginning. Simplicity and specific content which is straightforward. I love this approach where we take simple contrasting things and common sense.
I believe that
Experiences are not just the visible and audible things we have created and captured. It is also something that cannot be created and captured at any time. Life experiences.
Experiences that change the view and priorities.
Character Snippets
An extroverted introvert who tries to be friends with everyone, but hates it when someone doesn't take him seriously.
I love talking to humans from different cultures, countries, and backgrounds. I don't learn from books or tutorials but experiences. At times, all I'm looking forward to is a trip to a peaceful environment with my backpack (which always has my laptop).
A few people I look up to
Aaron Swartz (RIP)
Taylor Otwell
Chris Do
Matthew Encina
Brad Traversy
Kyle Cook